Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mind on the job

Being back at work is exciting as ever, hard pressed social workers holding the line in a busy town, dealing with far too many child protection cases means life is never dull, or quiet. I was dealing with a complex issue today, wading through masses of reports and surfing the tsunami of paperwork that is threatening to engulf my PC. Several colleagues who I had not seen since my return congratulated me on the birth of Tristan, several more gave cards, in all it has been an amazingly warm welcome back. One asked how I managed to keep my mind on the job given my lovely home life had further call on my time. Time management I replied, and I try not to think what I am missing. I finished my report and pressed the print button before moving on the the next case. I glanced at my work before chucking it in the filing tray. Clearly my mind was elsewhere other than work. I had just written a very comprehensive care plan for a child named Tristan.
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