Friday, 18 March 2011

Count them

How lucky am I? About an hour after finishing work today I was up on the Bonsai Mountain doing the Bonsai Banzai challenge (ready for the BBMC in May) in glorious weather with five of the Dolyhir Clan for company. As today was a fitness test I had music to keep the pace, some lullabies from Faith No More (have they really been going so long!) and beautiful views in all directions.
These two above are looking west, the two below are looking east, east versus west, both winners. While I was keeping time to punk rock anthems and ignoring the sensation that my lungs were about to be ejected from my chest cavity I considered how lucky I am. Far too many blessings to count, where to start? Tracey obviously, my beautiful and oh so patient wife who was tested to the limit today after my sloppy admin meant she spent some 4 hours looking for a very important bank card that I had put somewhere safe. So safe I cant find it. Neither did she. So how about Mrs Stable Sprite who on hearing of my ineptitude gave me her bank card until my new one arrives next week. Or Stable Sprite himself who volunteered to spend a day working with me next week in return for a KFC or similar.
How about Tristan? Our handsome lad who arrived safely 19 days ago and who has already filled our lives with so much joy. Or Jill, aka super grandma without whom life at Rock HQ would be a bit of a struggle at the moment, she single handed sorts the critters out every day leaving me the fun jobs like playing with the dogs. What about all our friends and family who have sent so many cards and gifts to celebrate Tristan's birth, I don't think a day has passed without parcels, card and flowers arriving, a I type I can see 39 cards from here! Thank you all.
So as I crashed down the North Face Gully and touched the finish post 57 minutes after starting, a personal best, 8 minutes faster than last time I concluded I had too many blessings to count. So as its Red Nose Day its time to share them, luckily I don't need a bank card to donate!
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