Monday, 21 March 2011

The cars moving!

Well they are supposed to, when someone is in them, driving. Twice today cars moving have caused quite a stir. First as Jill drove through the gate while Tracey was chatting to The Oracle. He thought Tracey was driving so was taken aback when car took off as she was stood next to him. Much relieved he realised that Jill was piloting the vehicle and Tristan was quite safe in the car seat.
Vic on the other hand took it into his mechanical mind to drive down the lane by himself. I had parked him after a long day in the yard, applied the handbrake and sought sanctuary in the cottage. Half an hour later after the Dolyhir Clan went mental I was prompted to look out of the window to see Vic not where he had been left but in the hedge. Thankfully the dozy Volvo is built like a M1 Chieftain Tank and only suffered a scratch to the bumper. We need a new fence though.
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