Monday, 8 November 2010

Upsetting the apple cart

The apple scrumping took on an industrial scale this weekend with Harriet the 4x4-1 and a bit doing all the donkey work. Her services were called in after I had slogged it round the hill with a builders barrow and when laden with 120 litres of apples began the push back. Half way up the track, on the home stretch, I paused on the steep section and put the barrow down. The space age Lego in my bionic left arm was giving me gip so I flexed and rubbed the pain away. Spotty, the big bouncy Berner saw this as an opportunity to bound over and as he leapt at me the consequence of his affection was all to apparent but totally unavoidable. He put his whole weight on the barrow handles altering the centre of gravity. We both watched as all my rosy red hard work rolled to the bottom of the hill.
So Harriet Honda to the rescue. But as you can see, even in an armoured van the critters sense a meal on the move and close in for the kill.
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