Monday, 5 January 2009

Trouble at Mill

Yesterday Mad Keith the technohermit passed on words of wisdom, "You never know whats going to happen one day to the next!"

Today we have no water, unlike he who has half a dozen pop bottles full of ours. Steve the electrician who improved on his 7 out of 10 emergency call out score and raced over to roll around in dog pooh in the dark, yes that smell was from what you are lying in Steve, diagnoses the problem, a broken pump in the bore hole. We have left the job to him as he will do it properly once he has cleaned the dog pooh off his trousers.

Meantime Sara our techno junkie who can fix websites has found why ours doesn't work very well, it doesn't exist, so after hours at the keyboard a convoluted repair has sort of fixed the problem but it looks like the web site will be down for a few days while we change web hosts late February.

You never know whats going to happen one day to the next do you!
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