Friday, 30 January 2009

Happy Days!

Yes, today I am incredibly happy.

The cause of my happiness is not as you might suspect the pint of Lancaster Bomber beer I am drinking now, neither is it the anticipation of the cheese and onion sandwich that I am about to eat for my supper. No, its a much deeper happiness than that.
I'm not happy because I have had an excellent day at work where I met an old colleague from way back who helped me mightily with a project. No.
The fact that I got our now dreaded monthly visit to the chaos and depression of the supermarket over in less than an hour without suffering panic attacks as the various necessary purchases were rung through the till did momentarily lift my spirits but did not in essence make me happy.
In fact getting the evening round done without being mugged by the Ryelands or pounced on by the psychotic goats only added to my sense of well being, but did not instigate this feeling of overwhelming happiness.
What usually causes me to smile is the symbolic raising of the drawbridge on a Friday night. Closing the gate at the end of our dirt track always feels good, especially when you know you have at least 48 hours on the smallholding ahead of you. But tonight was special, tonight shutting the gate meant something, it had a significance. Tonight as Tracey shut the gate she did it in daylight, the first time in daylight on our return from work this year. Our days are getting longer, soon we will be able to work outside when we get home without the harsh glare of the anti aircraft lights. We will not be confined to the yellow field of light that restricts what we do.
Despite the severe weather forecast for the start of next week spring definately on its way.
That makes me happy.

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