Thursday, 15 January 2009

Little Monster!

After a busy day at work you return home and you have forced yourself to leave the warm cottage to endure pouring rain to feed the horses, shovel their pooh from one end of the smallholding to the other, checked the goats are alive and well safe in their beds, walked the dogs, shut the birds away, fallen over checking the reservoir is full of fresh water, made sure the lambs and pigs are where they should be, done a quick head count of the sheep several times as they are moving around because seven dogs are racing up and down the lane got a bucket of dog food from the feed store the very last thing you want to see out of the corner of your eye as you gleefully head back to the warmth of the kitchen looking forward to the beef and ale pie you know your beautiful wife is cooking for you, really, I assure you the very very last thing you want to see is this little monster heading off up the cliff at the back of Rock HQ.

He is adorable but sometimes I would swap him for a hamster!
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