Thursday, 29 January 2009

Old man on the hill

This is Preston, a 16 year old beagle posing on the bank by the reservoir. He might not look his 112 dog years but the very fact he is white shows his age. He used to be whats known as lemon and white, a lovely honey brown and white coat, but over the years he has faded to his present shade.
They used to live with us in a small kennel and run at our old house but now they have free run of the smallholding and get to play in a back yard that extends for thousands of acres. Once they got used to the killer sheep, the psychotic goats and a shitland pony with SHS they found fourteen types of pooh to roll in, ditches to sit in and barns to curl up and sleep in.
Preston and his sister Passion are enjoying their retirement here at Rock HQ and usually keep out of trouble!

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