Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Long dog!

I took Bailey for a walk tonight and was pleasantly surprised at how good he was on the lead. No pulling whatsoever, walking absolutely to heel with his nose against my leg. Completely different to the other day when I took him and he was all over the place. I looked up at the clear starlight sky and named the usual suspects, Orion's belt just showing on the horizon, the Little Bear, The Plough and then it dawned on me why it was so different.

Bailey is a real long dog.

We were in the dark, I had an apology for a torch and Bailey thought he was going to work. He had been found running across open countryside a couple of weeks ago with no I.D.

Given the way he was on the lead in the dark with a lamp he is a poachers dog, a long dog used for the hunt and somewhere there is a poacher cursing his luck.
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jonjel said...

He is a cracking dog Tony. Any idea of age, and is he neutered?

Tony said...
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Tony said...

He's about three years old and has a full purse :)

Ha! Spelt this one right :)