Saturday, 2 August 2008

You can see our house from here!

This picture is the view you can see of our hill when stood on the hill opposite ours. It is our hill as we are the only people who live on it apart from the technohermit. I took the photo with my phone as were were on our way to our favourite pub The Harp to celebrate Tracey's birthday, a double celebration in fact as it is the first birthday she has had since we met that our collection of animals hasn't grown by at least one. Birthday presents have previously included ducks, rabbits, dogs, and a horse. Thankfully her presents were more practical this year despite hints like "I would really like another Beagle".

We don't go out very often, the bank wont let us, but when we do we tend to end up at The Harp as it is an excellent place. Quite often we get exhausted walkers stumbling past Rock HQ, their only goal is achieving sanctuary at the pub and a refreshing pint pulled by Adam. I encourage them by telling them its only a mile to go, I miss out the fact that there is an equally steep hill across the valley that must be conquered before they can quaff their ale.

As usual last night was a good one, the food they serve is superb, the steak cooked by David just cannot be beaten and the chocolate brownies made by Jenny should be illegal as they are totally addictive.

Chatting to Adam we found out more of the history of Rock HQ, it seems that as little as 25 years ago it was a derelict property. We knew that a local chap who delivered part of the 40 tons of gravel used in our recent build had thought of buying the place then for around seven thousand pounds.

Times have certainly changed, our annual animal feed bill is about that.

Website news, last month 22,000 hits and people in 41 countries visited Rock HQ. Trevor Shetland on facebook has a growing fan base and often chats to his friends on line while the my space Trevorisacult site has had 4000 views in the last twenty days! Its a strange but nice feeling knowing there are people in Venezuela, Brazil or India keeping up to date with the strange events that take place on a Welsh hillside.

Many thanks!
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