Saturday, 16 August 2008

Rocky making friends

I sometimes wonder about this dog, here he is at the dangerous end of one of the Berkshires. the pigs so startled at the sudden intrusion its given up eating, only for a second but its still stopped which takes some doing.

He ran into a gate today, full speed down hill charge, realised the gate was closed and tried to stop, slid in the mud and muck and then he did stop, the heavy metal hurdle stopped him in his tracks. Undeterred he backed up and cleared the gate effortlessly, quite a feat for a 110 pound dog.

It has been quite wet here today, we had thought that we had seen the heaviest rain ever, but as ever Mother Nature can top any previous effort.I have had to change clothes three times as my not quite waterproofs failed to keep the elements at bay. All the animals are miserable, either because they are wet, or because they are shut in to keep them dry. We have set a new record at Rock HQ, just for a few days there are 11 dogs here. I am currently being watched by five very wet Berners, who smell fantastic, the way only wet dogs can. We have a very ancient black labrador called Polly who is waiting for her owner to return from Canada to recue her from this madhouse. The rest of them are drying off in the kennels.
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