Friday, 8 August 2008

Time flies

We moved here thinking we would be more in tune with nature and notice the seasons slowly pass but in reality time flies by. It doesn't seem long ago that we were totally focused on lambing, it will only be a few weeks before we put the ewes back with Crispy the ram.

The sun is slowly moving back across the horizon to its winter solstice position, a while yet but its noticeable how much further along the hill the sun sets, and how much earlier.

This is the cottage in the setting sun tonight, I hope you appreciate the picture, having fallen through a patch of nettles and turning my back on the giant bull to take it. Whilst in the field I began operation lumberjack, transferring the bits of tree left by the electricity board when they pruned the hedge along our lane.

Another sign that the year is racing by, today I picked and ate the first blackberries.

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