Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A new breed of Superhero!

We had a nice surprise visit yesterday from The Stable Sprite who dropped by for a cuppa and a chat. I think he was checking to make sure I hadn't done too much damage to his masterpiece of equine housing with my modifications for Trevor who now has the dairy as his stable. I shall now have to milk the goats in the rain on the step to nowhere outside Apollos stable, a small price to pay for the pleasure of owning such a fine beastie.

While The Stable Sprite and I admired his handy work and then checked on the pigs, also supplied by he a family of gypsies got stuck in our lane. Luckily for them the Stable Sprite was here as their caravan was stuck on the hill approaching Rock HQ and they needed a tow. Rene is out of action having dropped his exhaust just outside Gloucester so we couldn't oblige but as you can see from the clip above Super Stable Sprite equiped with a state of the art utility belt and white van dragged their aging Volvo and house on wheels to the relatively level bit just before the barn.

The gypsies are in fact JJ and Kay who were so happy at being rescued they have volunteered to take down the hedge along the garden in return for a free nights pitch surrounded by the beasts at Rock HQ.

The Stable Sprite, his work done waved goodbye and set off to right more wrongs and do other superhero stuff.

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