Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Five Ways Crossing 360

This is my favourite view on our walk around our hill and if the video upload works you will see a 360 panorama of the sights of Five Ways Crossing. It starts looking along the track that will take you to the technohermit, then a view of Herefordshire, along Hergest Ridge to the fir trees at the top of Sheep Skull Lane, then along to a view of the summit of our hill and back to the track.

Tonight I took all of the magnificent seven who immediately set off on mission impossible to catch rabbits. They will never learn that stealth as well as speed is needed.

I, on the other hand learned a lot from tonights ramble, that I attract just as many bitey flies as a horse, that autumn is on its way, the leaves are losing their edge, the green already giving way to autumn hues and that crab apples, no matter how long you chew one for, remain sour.

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