Monday, 18 August 2008

The Chinese mean business

Size doesn't matter, its spirit that counts. Here we can see Sid and Sally our Chinese geese standing their ground against Chester a visiting Bernese Mountain Dog. Already he has had his ears tweaked by Sid, Chester is unsure what to make of these strange birds, so does what a sensible dog should do when faced with complete defiance, beats a hasty exit.

This might be one reason why the fox gets so many of our birds. Our poultry is so used to having dogs careering around the homestead that they are used to dogs approaching at speed and used to the dog taking evasive action rather than jumping onto them before tearing them to bits. There have been a couple of accidental deaths, see murder most fowl in the blog for details, but on the whole the birds are not bothered by the dogs. Perhaps then when they see a fox approach they think its just another dog visiting and that a quick peck on the ear will send the fox on its way.

As I type replacement hens are hatching out in the incubator. A project when we are on holiday next week it the construction of a fox proof bird run, they can use that during the day and free range in the evening.

As yet the fox trap remains empty.

Apart from Bella.

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