Friday, 29 August 2008

Apollo lifts off!

10 second countdown and off!

There is something wrong with the blog so photos wont load and text comes up with errors.

So I am not able to tell you about all the things that have happened here over the last 24 hours like more bad news about Rene and the quest to find an exhaust, only Renault can provide the part and its great value at £495 plus vat, and a further £65 an hour to fit it. Bargain. Currently we are negotiating with a friendly welder, Tracey's brother to come and fix it.

Neither can I tell you about the food aid from Mr20% and his lovely wife Annie who fed us the most gorgeous ham from a Gloucester Old Spot raised by a friend of theirs in Devon and the huge donation of apples and cabbages for our pigs, who as I type this are munching their way through pounds of cherry red crab apples.

Because the blog wont load photos I cant show you the pictures of JJ's hard work where he single handed cleared 30 metres of hedge that was over shadowing the garden. His very patient lady Kay who had been promised a few days in the countryside ably assisted by dragging a seemingly endless supply of greenery down the lane to the goats who gorged themselves on the tasty foliage.

Nor can I show you pictures of Apollo in the house, having a good nose around and testing the chewiness of the sofa.

So you will just have to make do with the video of Apollo's first launch in the field, nicely fenced in with a new fence provided by JJ and Darren.

Team work!

A very big thank you to you all!

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