Thursday, 28 August 2008

False alarm!

A really busy day at Rock HQ, not helped by the garage who phoned whilst we were in the thick of the action outside to say that our exhaust for Rene was in. Once the crippled car was on the ramp it became obvious that the exhaust they had was not the one needed and after much head scratching and sharp intakes of breath they decided they couldn't do it, Rene needed a Renault garage. I wasn't in the best frame of mind anyway having already cancelled going out to dinner because we couldn't get there, swallowed the bitter pill of inflated prices charged by the garage (the parts on the internet came to £75, the garage first quoted £270) and having made the effort to get there finding they were not able to repair it put a real downer on the days activities. In fact I was so bothered by the garage I completely forgot the second reason for being in town that of visiting the vet Andy.

Hopes were raised at one stage though. Steve the electrical sprite from across the valley called in and brought with him his family who had the Rock HQ tour, the usual welcome from the animals and a chance to feed the fattest bottle fed lambs in farming history.

Steve's wife told a tale of a strange hill sheep that mugged her for yogurt coated raisins whilst on the summit of our hill. She had even filmed the beast and showed us the clip on her camera. Initially we thought it was Bill, who is still M.I.A. and hopefully happy on the hills and not wearing a Ginsters wrapper at a garage near you. Close inspection showed it wasn't him, but his mum, still wearing her fleece as she evaded capture by the shearer.

So we are no closer to discovering Bill's fate, but we do know not to fill our pockets with yogurt coated snacks whilst out looking for him.

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