Monday, 7 August 2017

Do wasps eat grass and other insect related questions

 The apprentice with his ever expanding repertoire of questions seeks answers to life's puzzles like 
 do wasps eat grass. In an effort to enlighten him we went to see expert wasp assassin Mr Fisher (made up name) who is not only a wasp expert but a bee wrangler.
 Thus with yours truly prepared to leg it the second the buzzing stripey honey bees got fed up with the apprentice poking around their home
 we kitted up and said hello to most of the million or so industrious insects working tirelessly to provide a tasty topping to yoghurt or toast.
 Mr Fisher was a dab hand at extricating
 the gubbins from inside the hive exposing the bees for inspection and none of us got stung.
We even got to taste some of the honey in its comb, a privilege considering it took around 10 bees their lifetime to make the sweet treat on the end of the apprentice's finger.

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