Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A day to remember

 The apprentice first managed to ride 10 metres on his mothers birthday a few days ago, limited by the size of the garden and the strange magnetic qualities of the lamp post in the centre of the lawn. So today we took him to the beach where no solid objects could hinder his progress.
 As usual a patient crowd watched appreciatively
 while some good friends joined us and provided the most excellent sausages for sandwiches once the cycle fest had completed.
 To the victor the spoils, or in this case a sausage buttie for the worlds newest cyclist.
 Poppy guarding the kite strings.
 No stopping him now.
 Not to be outdone Hannah decided to have a go and a new cyclist was born.
 The beach was pretty crowded at one point.
 On the walk back to the cafe RRMK2 did a passable tribute to the film Platoon.
View from the cream tea.

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