Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes

 My Beautiful and Oh So Patient Wife had a birthday whilst we were on holiday so celebrations all round with a birthday breakfast of treats
 and what else do you drink with a full cooked English apart from Champers!
 As it was pouring with rain we had a slow start to the day which allowed us to finish the Scuttler
 and ponder the best place for the turntable to be carried on a brace of limbered 25pdrs.
 Finally a break in the weather allowed us to go for the planned walk along the nature trail
 but it soon rained heavily forcing us to take shelter under the hedgerow.
 In the bright bits the walk was lovely
 and very picturesque although you dont see much wildlife with two children who's idea of being quiet is foghorn like.
 The ancient bridge is still out so no access to the beach this way.
 The apprentice practices his hard explorer pose.
 I got all arty farty.

 Back at base a speed build saw The Tumbler finished
 before the compulsory Hippo Birdies Two Ewes song.
 By evening we adjourned to the pub where we drank some of Pauls best cider and ate a lovely meal.
 Two of my dinner guests.
 Outside the kids got to grips with the new trim trail
 and MBAOSPW enjoyed her birthday kiss.
 Back home RRMK2 wanted to ride his bike
 whereas I wanted to play Lego.
Guess who won :)

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