Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Speak up.....

 Day two of the great escape and yours truly was up early doors for a long bike ride and either the sand is getting softer or I'm getting heavier!
 Halfway point I took a dive, soft sand to blame
 but it meant I saw the rainbow behind me.
 Lovely views from the house, sea views, the property on the left is for sale a snip at 400k for a two bedder.
 Off for the day to The Mumbles, is said The Mumbles, oh never mind....we lost the apprentice, he's here somewhere having discovered what camouflage means.
 In a nice when I grow up way the apprentice had a good look around the life boat station because he's a member of storm force he thinks he
 should be the crew, maybe one day.
 After a good old look around the ever so shaky pier
 it was time for ice creams. Note to all parents never let your child choose their own flavours or you will be forced to finish a foul creation of snot coloured goo that tastes like salted bubblegum.
 Outside the kids dealt with some pesky pirates
 and then we went down to the beach
 where we tried not to lose RRMK2 amongst the rock pools.
 Back at holiday home the serious business of building a Lego Scuttler from the
Lego Batman movie continued.

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