Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lets go fly a kite

 With the weather being less wet but more windy
 the decision was made to leave the holiday home
 and all its plastic kit goodness
 and hit the beach to fly kites, run the legs of dogs and kids and hopefully stay dry.
 This did not work to plan, the deluge of water forced us to take shelter in the back of Stan
 which is big enough for wet kids and dogs.
 The apprentice's day got a whole lot worse when the tomato sauce exploded
 seconds before he dropped his chips in the sand. RRMK2 made helpful comments to sooth him.
 Along the beach we found this hidden church where a wedding was taking place.
 Back at the house Poppy caught some z
 and we went back for a slap up meal at the Britannia pub.
 This is the kids meal
 while this is roasted saddle of rabbit wrapped in parma ham
 and salt marsh lamb which was totally amazing.
In the garden we enjoyed a leisurely coffee while RRMK2 played hide and seek. Here he is counting up to infinity. Kept him occupied just long enough for us to finish.

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