Monday, 7 August 2017

Thats a No then...

 5am the apprentice burst into the bedroom to alert yours truly that it was bike riding weather, funnily enough by the allocated hour of departure, 7am he was no where to be seen, well no where by a bike that is.
 So off I went for a quick...ahem...ride along the beach and back through the woods
 and once again had the whole universe to myself.
 See the Sea Holly.
 A brief stop.
 Breakfast was sorted, the temporary cooking arrangement doing just fine.
 Then back to the beach with RRMK2 on his balance bike leading the
 way through the woods
 for some moody shots on the beach.
 RRMK2 did not want to play kites, not until he had written numbers all over the sand.
 Well what did you expect me to have on a kite?
 First cream tea of the week at Cwm Ivy, we did take two of our clan with us, here is little Arfur dog.
 Back home to the archery competition,
 the making of model tanks,
 and lots more

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