Saturday, 9 May 2015

Thats progress

 Early doors saw rug rat mkII sat atop the baby gym reading a book thus demonstrating some very able multi-tasking. He has for a few days been able to climb the steps of the slide and throw himself in the general direction of the floor. Impact has been lessened by copious applications soft furnishing, which he invariably misses.
 The apprentice asked to go for a walk to the river which translated to can he sit in the bike trailer while yours truly gets a sweat on, but once at the river he did venture out before
 racing into thigh deep water (I had been videoing him playing on the beach and turned the camera off as he fell in) This dampened his enthusiasm so he sat back in the trailer getting covered in mud as I pedalled back homeward.
 We did see something extra ordinary, three peregrine falcon chicks, which is the white blob centre of this pic.
 Click on this to expand it and you will see how muddy the apprentice got following me.
 Talking of getting covered, here is rug rat mkII applying makeup from his mummy's hand bag. Apparently I should have stopped him, not laughed and photographed him as it was 24 hour lipstick which only comes off with a pressure washer.
Outside looking suitably bruised rug rat mkII astounded us by transferring the skills learnt on the indoor baby gym to the outside play area climbing up a slide 2.5 times his height a launching himself into the soft bark/Bernese dog/big brother dependent on what was in the landing zone at the time.

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