Thursday, 21 May 2015

Same old

 Its been one of those days at Rock HQ, you know the type, where nothing much happens. Early doors saw a quick summit assault on the Bonsai Mountain
 with the demi clan minus one (Ritchie arrived back at HQ yesterday in a box) where we enjoyed the sunshine.
 Much mucking about and mucking out later made ready for Pronto the secret horse arrive at HQ for the first time, he's here for the summer
 thanks to our tame horse botherer who lent us her trailer which also meant that yours truly had to demonstrate a not too often used man skill of three point turning a Jerry trailer combo.
 Despite the pressure and no practice the first attempt was a four point turn with no collateral damage and when I had to do it again with no one watching I did it in three. Honest!
 Reason for the second turnaround was because the trailer came back laden with Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, also known as Mork and Mindy (Mindy is the one closest to the camera) and pygmy goats, a mother sons set called Floss, Gizmo and Crush.
 Mork looked a bit bemused by his sudden change of address, he and his half sister have come from a local farm park as have the goats.
 For the time being they are bunked up together while they get used to us and Bernese Mountain Dogs.
 It didn't take them long to get amongst the fodder.
The smaller stable door needs to be a teensy bit smaller. In all a quiet day where nothing much happened.

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