Monday, 18 May 2015

9.5 days

 This is Mindy, our latest acquisition, a miniature Mediterranean donkey
 who has for the three years of her life lived at a local animal farm park with her half brother
 Mork. No surprises there then, Mork is 9 and half days younger than Mindy and the two are inseparable.
 That is until yours truly bought Mindy and arranged to have her moved to Rock HQ along with some goats. Yes goats. Well never say never.
 But the thought of splitting these two up weighed heavy on my mind, and on the mind of the donkey seller so we hatched a cunning plan
 which basically meant I bought two miniature Donkeys instead of one (plus another goat, 3 not 2)
which made everyone very happy. Especially the apprentice.

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