Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hit the beach

 Faced with a depressingly long jobs list the best thing to do is bury your head in the sand, so we headed up the road to the coast to join the happy throngs of sun seekers. Except the beach was almost empty which was very strange given the temperature, lack of rain, no ice cold wind and an ice cream van not too far away.
 Rug rat mkII was mobile this beach expedition, unlike last time, so any thoughts of sitting in the sun pondering life the universe and everything fell apart while chasing him along miles of sandy coast line as he was convinced that finding other picnics was the order of the day (ours being covered in handfuls of sand thanks to his lack of picnic etiquette)
 The apprentice got amongst the waves, or lack of,
 and spent a long time looking for treasure
 before helping demolish the edibles before RRMKII returned with fresh handfuls.
 Having worked off most of the calorific value of sand encrusted chicken portions yours truly rounded up the little darlings and force fed them ice cream
and these two pictures are taken before they got messy.

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