Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Take a break

 Then rain stayed away for most part of the day so yours truly got on with the jobs list, high on the agenda was to rearrange the stables, repair the doors (again) and fit a lower door so the new arrivals can see the outside world. I also managed to finish the shed which is being turned into a bunny palace so the shed was lined with marine ply to stop the lagomorphs chewing the basic structure, this is upo to a height of four feet and the floor has been reinforced with two sheets. Next step is to build a wood and wire frame which will sit neatly down the middle with two doors on the end thus creating two rabbit homes with a floor space of 18square foot each. Then an internal full height wire door so the solid doors can be open and the bunyips safe from predators or curious Berners.
 As the weather was so warm, and as I had made so much progress it was only right and proper to reward myself by taking the apprentice around the Bonsai Mountain for a sneaky picnic.
 We took Dotty Woo who is expert at finishing picnics and unlike some of our other K9's has the patience to wait until you have finished rather than helping herself when you are not looking.
Full of cheese, apples and crisps washed down by cream soda we made our way back to civilisation.

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