Sunday, 10 May 2015

Looking good

In order to pass a yet to be announced/confirmed/date set/support team briefed man test for later in the year, and as the BBMC2015 is looming nearer, yours truly felt he had better get some last minute miles in, which is why early doors I was on top of the Bonsai Mountain with some of the clan and a large piece of wood.

Next on the to do list was to help Stable Sprite (looking magnificent in his lycra) with some endurance training ready for the London 100. The ride was not very long but included as many hills as we could find in the 30 or so miles.

The last physical task of the day was dog wrestling. When you have dogs this big, grooming them is not a job for the feint hearted. Luckily they are very placid so tag grooming was a fun activity for all of us.

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Andy in Germany said...

I refuse to wear Lycra on or off my bike: our neighbours have enough to put up with as it is without the sight of me in skin tight clothes...