Monday, 4 May 2015

Small is good

 It being a bank holiday yours truly loaded the apprentice, rug rat MkII and my beautiful and oh so patient wife into Ruby and we headed off to a local village show, which given its diminutive size, packed an amazing amount of things in, including an ice cream van so you could colour me happy.
 The dairy exhibit lacked ice cream but was none the less interesting having the small size milk bottles made from real glass that yours truly remembers from school before Thatcher took them off us.
 This chap had some amazing birds of prey, one of which added to the entertainment by flying off into the local woods.
 The apprentice also amazed us with his daring do on the bouncy castle death slide, again and again.

 Some exhibits were very genteel
 and others were real boys toys (I want one of each of these)
 and this one looked a lot like the one I sold when we moved to Rock HQ (they have now at least tripled in price, Doh!)
This lovely Bedford MWD was built in 1942 and restored from a looking like a really horrible yellow tow truck to its former WW2 shape and colour.
 The owner of this monkey bike has made a bit since he paid £150 quid for it in the 1980's, its now valued around £7600
 while this old Morris Traveller demonstrated how things have changed when you looked inside and saw bolts similar to the ones on our stable doors holding the seat in place.
 The horse show had some tiny horses with tiny people, probably children, but its my reality so don't mess with it.
 Talking of small people, a whole bunch of them were eagerly trying to tie themselves to a decorated post
 and those that were swift of foot and escaped all armed themselves and took on all comers in a game of last man standing.
Amongst the classic cars was this lovely Ford Anglia but I suppose its a sign of how old yours truly is getting when the car next to it (I am ignoring it so no picture) is a 1.1 Ford Fiesta.
Thankfully the weather held for the whole day (its hammering down again now) and as ever Dilwyn show was a great success. Roll on next year!

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Andy in Germany said...

A Morris Traveller is perhsps the only car that I may want to own. Perhaps.

I'd rather have one of the bikes though.

That Mrs. Thatcher has a lot to answer for, doesn't she?