Saturday, 4 April 2015

Secret lives

 Having decided when we moved here that there would be one condition, no horses, it should come as no surprise that this rule has been broken with 7 equines in three locations. There are 5 of various sizes here at HQ, Chester (see yesterday) Apollo, Snoopy, Misty and Trevor. While Will.I.Am is living la vida loca over at the Stable Sprite's place.
The magnificent seventh, Pronto, here on the right, was Rock HQ's best kept secret for a while as he is going to win the National Andalusian Horse thing show providing yours truly with the opportunity for national embarrassment as I run up and down the show ring dressed as a wedding singer. Pronto has been sent to riding school where apparently, according to our friendly horse botherer, he is going to learn to ride.

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