Saturday, 18 April 2015

A happy snowman

 Another day of glorious sunshine so what better way to spend it (after paid work finished) than at a Frozen party at the apprentice's soon to be school. Anna and Elsa were on hand (millions of us know who they are, those that don't Google it or let it go ((did you see what I did there ))) They sang several dittys from the film, several times (ear worms anyone?) but missed yours truly's favourite song Reindeers and nicer than humans. Once the apprentice, dressed as Olaf, got bored of songs, party games and cake and was found outside running off with the big boys rugby ball (a surreal sight) we managed to pull the eject handle, fun as it was, and return to HQ to get on with more pressing tasks like watering the horses and counting our chickens.
 Olaf and rug rat mkII went for a drag race in the bike trailer and for some insane reason Mr Bear raced after us and ended up doing the longest walk he has done for some 18 months, this is he at the 2 mile mark taking a few moments to gather himself before the plod up the lane.
 Chickens and ducks, all accounted for, we have been visited by foxes again.
Horses all accounted for. They all escaped Thursday but were rounded up faster than a fast thing on a fast day by a bucket of allure.

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