Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fun and games

 Second breakfast saw yours truly suitably attired in lycra to blend in with other Mamils outside Climb on Bikes with Stable Sprite (also clad in lycra emblazoned Pink Floyd, I'm not jealous) ready for a jolly jaunt in the countryside to raise money for charity and to burn off enough calories to allow cake consumption.
 Unfortunately yours truly had lacked the foresight to ensure the batteries were charged in his new GoPro camera so there are no exciting clips of the fantastic route which took me along lanes I had not cycled since I was a mere boy. This picture will mean nothing to many but to me it means a lot as its my house where I spent my formative years (its the one in the centre)
 Anyroadup after a blistering pace (ahem) the finish line was crossed allowing free access to abundant cakes.
 There was plenty to go around, plus gallons of tea.
 Posing on the finish line.
 Getting amongst the free tea and stickies.
Stable Sprite happy at the tea urn after surviving his longest ride to date.
 Back at the ranch no rest for the wicked as some big jobs needed attention which was why I was at the business end of a hammer attaching half round rails to a new stock fence.
 Thanks to the major effort of a non Steve the job was ticked off the list before tea which gave me enough time to coerce him into shovelling gravel into a barrow so I could lay a new base for a shed that is about to be erected.
 First check of levels revealed this, expand the picture to see that the bubble is almost dead centre which isn't bad for first attempt with a bent rake.
 More good news followed in that 8 salvaged slabs laid on the new level gravel bed matched exactly the footprint of the shed base.
So an hour after starting the base was ready for the build and this might have taken place had the bolts for the new shed not been put in a safe place and the person who put them there hadn't forgotten where that place was.

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