Thursday, 20 November 2014

Look closer

Sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself due to persistent lergy, PC issues, working evenings and injured rug rats have all meant that there has been a break from the steady stream of updates of the chaos at Rock HQ, however yesterday was a better day (save for the apprentice nearly knocking his brains out on a car park concrete bollard) which saw yours truly able to get out and about and enjoy the autumn sun on the pretence pretext of working.
Part of my job involves seeing how people are and what better way to see how everyone is than by persuading them to go for a long walk in the countryside looking for treasure, or geo-caching as it is commonly known as. First horde was found swiftly by this very old gateway, several others were found after a lot of searching and two were given up as lost causes but the best one was find three, the clue Rocky 2 and co-ordinates found us scrabbling around a gateway looking for a geo cache horde. A long time passed and no treasure, spirits waned but we kept looking. I kept picking up a small boulder convinced treasure was under it. Finally it dawned on me that what we were looking for might be the rock and sure enough it turned out to have a geo cache sticker on its bottom and was hollow!
I also got to see two pups from the KGB litter, here are Diesel and Skye. Diesel on the right here is 8 months old and growing into the biggest Berner I have ever seen. Good job he's so well behaved!
Having fifty million poultry waiting to be fox food at Rock HQ its quite easy to miss the fact that one of the number is missing as was the case yesterday morning when I was feeding the critters. Rippers, a very bouncy Berner kept bouncing up to a large cardboard box that yours truly had walked past at least 11 times that morning. Finally she got her nose under it and flipped it over to discover the young male peacock trapped, or rather ready to fly straight at her as she released him. Seems the idiot bird had perched on the edge of the box, it tipped over on top of him and he could not get out until a very curious dog helped him with his VTOL technique.

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