Sunday, 2 November 2014

Don't look down

 There was one point today when yours truly thought he had accidentally deleted all the pictures and videos of yesterdays adventure. I had downloaded the files onto the PC to take the camera out to capture some real animal stupidity occurring on the runway between the equines and goat. Thankfully the technology is cleverer than its owner and I have just found a new folder containing all the pics. So here are some more of yesterdays epic over Crib Goch in horrendous conditions. Still pics wont convey windspeed, facial expressions and body language might. So here above is part of the approach, it got a bit steep.
 The Ridge stretching out into the mist, I am in the lead, Richard is getting ready to movc.
 John upright wondering what all the fuss is about.
 This mainly, the drop to our right is a bit on the non survivable type of fall.
 So if you are going to fall favour the left, this is the view to my rear.
 To my front is the exit, over these pinnacles of rock, by the time we got here there were gusts of wind in excess of 70 mph.
 To my left the way down was a bit impossible.
Clearly we made it, here's Richard sheltering from the wind behind the obelisk that marks the top of the Pyg track.

How windy was it? Well if you watch this clip you will see Richard blown off his feet.
Then the rain started.

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