Thursday, 6 November 2014

Living the dream

 This is Tina and Mark with Bear. Tina and Mark are about to do what you or I cannot do, they are ditching the 9 to 5 with suitable ties and heading off across the Atlantic in a massive yacht (massive is subjective, not massive compared to an oil tanker but uber massive compared to the Drascombes I sailed from Portsmouth which is where they are currently berthed) and are intending to go around the world. Now despite having a life jacket Bear is not a sea dog and did not like the prospects of a life on the ocean wave so has opted to come back to the clan for the time being (estimated 2 years, depending on how hard the wind blows) and is now an official foster dog within the Dolyhir Clan.
 Bear got quite excited in Gerry re-enacting a scene from The Shining at one point.
Back at HQ Bear met her mum and dad, Rocky and Reba, and Bear her older brother, we kept the rest of the clan seperate from her on her first night but she briefly met Spotty, Bliss, Ritchie and WooZah and the pathetic triever Poppy. As can be gleaned from the above picture she is making herself very at home. Thats her sat watching the news with me on the sofa. This is unusual as I have actually got a space on the sofa.

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