Thursday, 23 October 2014

Its not rocket science

I got apprehended by the Thought Police today. Being a student at a university that is miles away I am reliant on virtual lectures and my coursework, tutorials and assignments are all on line. There are study days where we can go and meet real people but I have so far managed to avoid these. This year I have to conduct a research project, this means more deadlines and much more contact with tutors. Thus far emails warning me that deadlines are approaching and yours truly having to appear before the ethics committee to get approval for my study of human behaviour have been steadfastly ignored but today my luck ran out and they got me. What follows is a pretty much accurate account of the conversation.
"You need to get your project approved by the ethics committee, they sit again in November can you make a presentation to that one"
"Pretty sure."
"Good, remember this is an exercise in research, you don't have to change the world."
"Thats good."
"Did you get the email about attendance"
"Your attendance falls way behind what's expected"
Y"es you have to log on to the university hub to register the fact that you are working, its monitored, you have not been logging on."
"Oh. But I don't need to."
Well I logged on, downloaded the course, printed it off and I'm working through it....I did the same last year."
(Silence) "So you have all the course material.?"
"Yes...I can then read it whenever I want."
"And you don't need to log on to read it?"
"No, its here in front of me in a file"
(Silence) "Thats brilliant, wait til I tell them that!"

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