Sunday, 12 October 2014

Don't pick it!

 It takes a lot to turn the stomach of yours truly, previous lives have seen me present at post mortems, suicides, some messy, others just sad, but today Daffodil, our very pet Ryeland, almost made me lose my post ride fruit smoothie. Some weeks ago Daffodil arrived in the yard with a wound to the front drivers side leg, it looked like she had got caught in a length of wire, a deep cut and lots of blood. V E T gave us a long lasting antibiotic and a painkiller and some time in med bay saw Daffy perk up mightily and get more mobile. Two days ago we put her out with the rest of the flockers but she could not keep up (not in the eating stakes, she wins that race everytime) so today we caught hold of her and had a looksee. Her leg was clean, cool, looked ok but there was a large scabby bit which was loose so I gave it a quick tug. It came off revealing a nice clean healed leg. Looked perfect apart from another scab just behind it, that looked a bit moist but loose so I gently prised it back. It was at this point the smell became apparent, then the yellow goo, and wiht a sound almost like a pop a golf ball sized dollop of Doffodil fell onto the floor. She snorted, I heaved, we both gathered our senses and I got a closer look at the leg. It was raw but clean and no blood, the ball of goo had been sitting in the wound preventing proper healing. I waited until my beautiful and oh so patient wife came out to find out where I was (holding a sheep) who then proffered the magic blue spray which is antiseptic and will prevent further goo building up. The pic above was taken less than five minutes after Daff was released and she is happily munching away which demonstrates the hardiness of Ryelands as well as their greed. Me, if I had a lump of goo that big fall off me, I would want lots of TLC and dinner brought to me in front of the TV.
 Tonight's sunset.
Another epic!

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