Thursday, 2 October 2014

Feed me!

Poor Bear went back to the V E T today for a liver function test. This meant he had to be starved from 6pm the day before, not what a Berner used to 3 full meals a day expects. So armed with a bag of his favourite munchies (WAGG anyone?) Bear was left in the capable hands of our favourite V E T. For about 1 hour 36 minutes.
Yours truly got a call asking if I would go back as Bear would not play ball. His part of the days tests involved eating, sitting quietly and donating a couple of blood samples. What he was in fact doing was ignoring all attempts to feed him and turned his back on the V E T and helpers.
Bear acknowledged my arrival by barging past vetinary nurse and running into car park and hiding under Gerry. After coaxing him out and sitting with him listening to our favourite Pink Floyd track (Dogs, obviously) I ignored his please take me home eyes and spoon fed him a noxious mix of goo that contained a lot of lard. This apparently is what is required for liver test. As can be seen he wasn't keen but eventually he downed sufficient quantities for the test to start. He now had to wait two hours after being frog marched back to the slammer on the understanding that once those two hours were up he would be allowed back home as his anxiety was not doing him or the V E T any favours.
On the stroke of 2pm a blur of black white and tan shot out of the kennels, straight down the corridor and out into the October sunshine where yours truly steered him into the back of the Land Rover. Such was his haste that all witnessing the black flash mused whether or not he was actually poorly and that his cruciate ligament seems to be functioning quite well. We find out what the tests tell us in about a week. Paws crossed.


Fizz said...

Poor bro. You get better Bear. Take things easy & rest up. I know the V E T is not a nice place to be, mine likes to put thing up my butt.

margeaux said...

Okay, Bear, gotta get better, rest up and we will all be waiting with crossed paws, fingers, and lots of love. Margeaux and "sammie" her new Kat.