Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Oh what a circus.....!

 Fast forward to the present rather than trying to catch up on THA, today the Tour Of Britain 2014 Cycle Race visited the Bonsai Mountain. Yes in the shadow of our playground
 the travelling circus that is a professional road race
 shot past us in a blur of shaven legged lycra, here are the breakaway gang
 followed by as many support cars
 then the main body arrive
 a demonstration of high speed formation cycling, chatting as they go like yours truly might on a sunday run if he had the lung capacity to do so. Perhaps you can sense how fast they are going by the fact that by the time this frame was taken
 the second pic they were rolling by. If you look closely at the two in yellow centre pic, lead rider is Nicolas Roche who came third today and behind him is Nikoli Trusov who didnt but did take a drink at this point, the relevance of which I shall return to later.
 Meantime the cavalcade continued
 and there were more
 than you thought possible
 and still they came
 as did the flash sponsors vehicles who were having almost as much fun driving like hooligans as the very happy Police motorbike riders racing ahead performing a rolling road block at every junction.
 More colours than
 you could shake s stick at
 and stragglers slip streaming
 some cars thought they were on mainland Europe
 and so they passed.
Leaving little t slightly bemused but overall happy to have witnessed such excitement but pondering why a Russian rider from a Danish team would throw his drinks bottle at him.

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