Monday, 22 September 2014

Back to normal

 This is Steve and Steve (another Steve who also helped was not here for the topping out ceremony as he was finding out what type of baby he was having ((not him his wife)) a boy incidentally) looking very pleased with themselves whilst holding my sausage (dont be childish) a small reward (along with some beers) for doing such a great job on rebuilding the front of Rock HQ.
 There were a couple of last minute hitches, one being the white down pipe being put the wrong end of the conservatory but that was not their fault they just got duff advice from a usually reliable source (my beautiful and oh so patient wife who knows nothing of the ways of drainage) The three minus one Steves cheerfully changed things round to allow run off rain water to go down the drain rather than across the lane.
 And so as the sun set on another mega busy day at Rock HQ yours truly took a few pics of the new add on
 and contemplated how nice this room with a view will be
once its been decorated.

So things are back to normal now except the windows have yet to be done and the fact that there is now a mega new uber clean conservatory in front and underneath on is only a minor technical hitch. I mean what on earth could go wrong?

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