Friday, 12 September 2014

Guinea Pigs

 When a close friend offers you his house by the sea to "trial run" it as a holiday home it would be bad manners to refuse.
 So last week (a lifetime ago!) yours truly, MBAOSPW, the apprentice, rug rat MkII and supergrandma became holiday guinea pigs. The fact that this coincided with the best week of sunshine the Gower (a posh part of Wales)has had all year was a bit of a bonus.
 The beaches were breathtaking, and almost deserted as school holidays were over, this being Rhosilli Beach and the white blob on the right is an old vicarage and back drop to a Dr Who episode a while back.
 For six days we had nothing to do except sit in the sunshine
 walk to ice cream parlours
 explore Jurassic forests
 and walk miles across sand dunes to the only sea washed cast iron lighthouse left in the world. This isnt the best picture I took of it, that one is being printed as a card so no freebies!
In all the guinea pigs were well happy with the house, venue and entertainment, so much so that we are going to do it all again next year. As long as we can persuade the nice lady to look after Rock HQ again while we are away.

And that's us up to date.


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