Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Memory Lane

 As yours truly was at a meeting in England's second city early doors, a meeting which, amusingly, no one turned up to, and which incidentally no one who I spoke to could decide on the start time, and when the sole attendee apart from me eventually turned up to say there is no meeting today, sorry we decided yesterday at 4pm but by then it was too late to tell anyone (yes because there is no such things as phones, email or carrier pigeon)  and then said sole attendee took two hours telling me what we would have discussed had the meeting taken place and we parted company agreeing to meet next week at 6.30pm to discuss it all again, but this time with some of today's absentees. On the way home I took a slight detour down memory lane, the last time I saw this impressive house was around 35 years ago. Its where I used to spend some time in the summer staying with my cousin. Its all changed now, no longer a farm house, the dairy farm sold to a property developer. So I stood for a while and watched the ghosts of my uncle washing prize bulls or my cousin throwing Airfix models from the window and pondered the passing of time and progress.
 Back at the ranch more progress from the very hard working builders who today fixed the cottage's gutters, replaced a missing tile all for free and set about fixing the roof to the new conservatory. This entailed using a massive piece of timber which one of them had forgot to load so they set off to a builders merchant to get one. Not having an account at the local builders yard they had to go further afield and on return followed the road signs back to Rock HQ. But they didn't. They followed the road signs to a small town with a remarkably similar name and once there found that they were still 14 miles away. Two and a half hours later three very sheepish builders returned and owned up over tea and stickies.
 They were introduced to the clan today, it having been shut away from nervous types. We made sure that they were well fed before introductions.
 And so more progress
 with it secured
and ready for fitting the roof. But before that there's some windows want changing.

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