Friday, 30 May 2014

Special delivery

 Gerry, complete with dead cow parsley, brought back to Rock HQ an essential piece of equipment for Sunday's mega ride. The racing steed has been serviced and refitted, so in essence, since the start of this project and my promise not to buy a new bike, even though the needed number of bikes owned is n+1 (n being actual number owned) all that remains of original bike is frame, saddle , crank, handle bars and front wheel (although a new front wheel is waiting for me in the olde worlde bike shoppe)
Some fine tuning is required but we (being me and nice man who replaced all the bits) feel it is more than ready (barring the aforesaid fine tuning) for the south to north epic Welsh ride. That's more than can be said for its pilot who has spent time preparing today by eating chocolate hob nobs and looking at the ride profile and hoping that google earth has got it wrong. Weather looks favourable, provided you like rain. Half the support crew have got a stomach bug (as have Rock HQ's rug rat MkII and apprentice) On the plus side the route has now been marked in bright colours across three pages of road atlas and learned by rote by yours truly and the donations have increased massively.
Life's good.
It feels like its the calm before the storm.  or text TTTA50 to 70070 and any amount from £1 to £10 and don't forget to gift aid it and leave a message.


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