Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Time on my hands

Its been a strange sort of a day, one that has encapsulated every aspect of life here at Rock HQ. Paid work wise I ended up in the farthest reach of the Red Kite empire where my very taxing role meant 3 slices of home made date and walnut while talking to some very nice people about life the universe and all things fish. Or Bees. After some very complex negotiations about fostering (well some work had to be done!) I collected 20 cob chicken chicks who will feature as part of the Christmas menu (if they survive foxes) dropped off Lucy, a Berner girlfriend of the Rockmeister before heading back to the shire and a tad of office work. Back at the ranch I got to learn about the fine point of TV reception (hurrah the TV is fixed, have we missed anything important?) from a very nice man called Steve the Aerial who found our long lost TV signal and plugged us back into the matrix. A bit of playtime with little t was followed by shifting a ton of pig pooh, fixing the roof on the stable, settling the chicks into their new home and the evening feed routine. These two characters were found sleeping in the feed ring, they looked so comfy and the horse were able to eat around them I left them too it. I then took part in a Gallup poll measuring health and happiness speaking to Nancy from Nebraska, as I had just fed little t and was playing with his toys I'm off the Richter scale for happy so I may have skewed the result slightly, sorry Nancy, and once he was in bed it was time to play leader of the pack with the 10 Berners currently vying for sofa space and chatting to the Technohermit about the banking system, cat food delivery and the ex Queen Mother. In all a very full day. Think I need a hobby though.

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