Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nah! This is rain!

 While it cannot be described as the sunniest day ever, it was for a brief while sunny here at Rock HQ and as the major task of the day was the ever so arduous shift a ton of pig pooh and bed every animal down (additional man test to move a ton of straw) I was grateful for the lack of rainfall. Halfway through the clear out attention was drawn to a small Ryeland lamb biting its buttocks and as expected the poor mite had a nasty case of maggots. The wet grass has made them scour, the backsides get dirty, a warm spell after a wet spell, all the ingredients for fly strike and maggot attack. After bring unceremoniously dunked in a bucket of warm water with Jeyes fluid Tigs' backside was trimmed and sprayed with noxious chemicals that had the nasty bitey crawly things flinging themselves from her to their doom. She is currently in the nice cleaned out stable, along with the goats, as the Mangalitzas have now taken over what was the kennel block and goat house. As an aside, somehow Pam has managed to get out of new accommodation and leave her five fat piglets inside. There is no sign of exit, and she has obviously forgotten how she did it so she is the other side of a wooden wall and can stay there until its daylight and we can all see what we are doing.
Back to the bed down man test, the sun shone and shone some more and by 2pm all was well, stalls were cleaned, pressure washed, pooh safely stacked for composting, beds made, last bit of straw to put to storage when this happened.
The first raindrops spattered as we sort of ran back the cottage, and then the heavens opened. This downpour also meant our TV engineer couldn't come and fix things and so we missed Team GB's triumphs. Again.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

you call that rain?! You have to cross the border to appreciate what real rain means. 40mm here last night, just constant stair rods from the Heavens!!