Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chalk and Cheese

 Pamela and Bridget are our Mangalitza sows, sisters from the same litter, and are as different as chalk and cheese. Both have recently given birth, Pam first had 5 chunky piglets, three weeks later Bridget had 6.
 Pam is a surly critter at the best of times, its all bluster but she does like to try and get to the top of the food chain and wants the sty to herself. Bridget on the other trotter is a mild friendly girl who likes company.
One of them, tonight, caused a riot when being transferred from one pen to the other, she set free two other pigs, point blank refused to follow the bucket, chased a sheep, tried to chase an owner until her bluff was called, made several dogs cower and then finally after an hour of bad temper on her part and SOHF on mine she went into her new quarters like she had always intended to. Meanwhile her 5 piglets had scattered to the four points of the compass and had to be retrieved. By nightfall all but one escapee had been captured and all was secure. Bridget was moved then, fearing the same behaviour as Pam's I was not too happy about her being moved but as I was under orders from my beautiful and oh so patient wife I did it anyway. Bridget followed the bucket like she was supposed to and took a mere 20 seconds of my time to move from one pen to the other.
One of these sows has had her pet status revoked and is going to be sausages. Answers on a post card please.

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