Wednesday, 24 March 2010

We all have them

It has been one of those days, one where everything planned to be done wasn't and instead a day of playing catch up began. It got off to a good start, a trip around Bonsai Mountain followed by the best bacon buttie ever, well a good athlete needs good food, and Stable Sprite joined us which was good timing on his part.
Breakfast over the minor irritations began, the like of which I wont bore you with, but suffice to say it involved driving across the county to ensure the right fencing materials arrived the right day so the pig pen will be pig proof. This also involved banks, the Internet, forgotten cash cards, rain, letting down friend who wanted to visit, contacting vets about worming a pregnant dog, celebrating Spotty, Bliss and WooZah's 1st birthdays and this horse.
He would have had no idea of the frustrations of the day, nor my wish not to be engaged in seemingly endless tasks rather than completing a report I had set my self a deadline for. Not him, no, he would be wondering about frollicking through daisies, buttercups and fresh green grass while he munched on his hay. Now at the moment we are trying our best to keep him really dry, especially in the leg area as having such lovely long feathers he is prone to mud fever, a sort of horsey athletes foot. Prevention is better than cure so he is kept out of the mud and on a nice dry concrete and rubber mat floor. So today of all days, just when it seemed like we had finally caught up, had finished chasing our tails and I had spent a useful and productive couple of hours writing, today was not the day to find him swimming in his stable. Somehow this genius horse had managed to break the drinking bowl pictured behind allowing 250 gallons of water to fall into his nice dry domain. The poor lad was a tad damp and grateful of rescue. Bless him. And the report got done. Well give a busy man a job its usually done. Especially as Tracey is here to help.
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