Thursday, 4 March 2010

Its sprung

Since Monday we have had almost unbroken sunshine, spring has well and truly sprung and hopefully will stay that way for a while yet as we work our way though the jobs list. The chicken run is hours from being finished and as it has been in the construction phase since late October 2009 it really will be a job well done. The chicken house roof has been slated, posh birds these, and once the nesting box is put on the side it will be fit for purpose. The final spot of bother is the gate, as we used "natural" posts rather than machined there is no straight edge to hang it from, so a solution might be to make a bent gate and given my carpentry skills this is a likely scenario anyway.
I have a plan to convert the back of the kennel block to a stable for the minis, the Shitlands are tearing around Willow Rise and it really needs a rest from their antics. If all goes well this will be a simple task, and as long as Rene can straighten the broken five bar gate or get it approximately the same as the other one we have then we will have two ready made sides for an enclosure on the end. I like these sorts of projects as they are quick but most of all they are cheap as all the materials are here and being recycled.
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