Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wooly Jumper

A packed day at Rock HQ, Mr 20% and his gang popped over for a sausage roll and to get their shares of pig club pork, sausage and bacon. After the routine of feeding and cleaning we set out around the hill, not intentionally, Tracey has ME and is very ill at the moment so what was just a slow shuffle down the lane accompanied by Jill her mum, me, 5 Berners, 2 Golden Retrievers and a Cocker Spaniel eventually became a lovely stroll around our bonsai mountain.
There has been a round up of wooly backed pie fillings, gone are the days when a shepherd on foot with his dogs joined up with other shepherds and carefully brought the flock in. Nowadays its quad bikes and trails bikes, evidence of their passing was clear, as was the absence of sheep.
We did find one hanger on though, Daffodil had steadfastly refused to obey the militia on their all terrain vehicles and stood her ground. This perplexed the militia enough to call by Rock HQ and let us know that a stroppy sheep had kept the quad bikes at bay up at Five Ways Crossing. Sure enough she was exactly where they said she was and after exerting her autonomy over the quad bikers she was not going to concede defeat to the likes of me. Drastic action was called for so rather unceremoniously she was carried the half mile or so back to Rock HQ. Each step gases escaped from both ends and Daffodil and I were more than pleased to get back to Rock HQ without her having a nasty accident.
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